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Prefabricated car dealerships and auto technical .

Designing and building for your business.

Anyone who has received the right to represent the European brands overseas auto industry is aware of the high demands that establishes a particular " brand ". The basic requirement of any car brand is the safety of consumers and workers , safety of buildings on the environment and a whole list of requirements for future building dealership and service center . Many offer a typical design solutions for its dealers . To date , the European approach to the organization of the buildings for the automotive industry and the dealer network is very densely infiltrated the economic space of Russia , becoming an integral part.

   Construction of buildings for the automotive industry, as well as building and auto service centers can not do without the use of metal . They allow you to construct buildings with large free spans and greater area , which in the finished state is much easier to all peers, it saves on the foundation for the building. Due to the absence of wet processes at a construction site to conduct works at any time of the year , with no additional costs. One of the main advantages of building metal structures proposed by ERM -Story Building showroom is fully complete them . That is, the customer receives a complete set of prefabricated buildings , which includes everything from the anchor bolts , insulation and walling and finishing drain , anti-aircraft lights and fixtures for them. A major advantage is that it can build a high quality and very fast, which is undoubtedly important for any Russian businessman and the business as a shorter period of construction allows for faster return on investment and start making money .

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