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Prefabricated aircraft hangars. Passenger terminals.

Designing and building for your business.

Aircraft hangars erected on technology LMK (based on metal), by far the most cost-effective in a rapidly evolving business aviation. The most important advantage is the speed of construction and timing of construction of modern, ready, technically advanced building, maintenance and storage of aircraft and helicopters. The second important factor is the installation of the building. He made ​​a simple technique and large cranes
without disturbing the operation and the airport without taking up large areas under the organization of the construction site. The third factor is the light weight of the building, its earthquake resistance and resistance to high vibrations. Buildings can be heat-insulated, depending on the terms of reference and appointment of aircraft hangar, such as storage or manufacture of aircraft. More information about the buildings on technology LMC one of our specialists.

  • Hangar for the aircraft storage
       Design and construction of buildings from metal constructions. Modular buildings.


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