PROFESSIONAL CONSTRUCTION Prefabricated buildings from metal designs (LMC) FOR YOUR BUSINESS
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Prefabricated shopping centers.

Designing and building for your business.

Shopping Malls most retail chains, complement the architectural look of cities, being an integral part. For buildings of shopping destination high demands, which are laid in draft. Professional approach in the initial stage provides for the customer 50% of the successful implementation of the project as a whole.
Shopping centers, constructed with the use of metal-based metal frame has a number of important advantages. The use of complete buildings of metal structures allows to build large structures without additional support beams inside the building, span between the columns can be up to 16 meters. This, in turn, gives the owners the shopping center more space, allowing, for example, to organize additional commercial space.

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       Design and construction of buildings from metal constructions. Modular buildings.


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