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Nearly 3 billion rubles will be spent on the architectural shape of cities near Moscow


MOSCOW - RIA Novosti . Moscow Region government on Tuesday adopted a program of "Architecture and Urbanism suburbs " on the years 2014-2018 , according to which the formation of the architectural appearance of cities and other purposes will be spent almost 3 billion rubles, said at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Minister of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Moscow region Alexei Vorontsov .

" The estimated total program funding amount for the settlement period up to 2018 2,961 billion rubles, including 1.486 billion from the budget of the Moscow region " , - he said.

Vorontsov stressed that the greatest amount of budget funding provided for 2014. By 2018 , he said , the amount of the budget will decrease by more than three times , and the proportion of non-budgetary sources , on the contrary , increase.

In turn, the deputy chairman of the Moscow region Elyanyushkin Herman explained that the main objective of the program "Architecture and Urbanism suburbs " on the years 2014-2018 is to comply with town planning regulations proposed by the Acting Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyev in the " Our suburbs ."

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