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Loft-style architecture.


At the beginning of its formation, Arch. direction - loft - was the method of reconstruction of old buildings : industrial, civil , storage , integration structures of the past in building the future , but the results were so stunning that these types of residential spaces reconstructed in recent years has given birth to a kind of architectural style. Today, even the new homes being built in the loft . Loft - housing specific and unlikely to fit a man of conservative views , it's housing for people with extraordinary perception of the world and interesting activity . Perhaps it refers to the fact that in most cases it melts tenants artists .

Free space loft zoned color, texture and texture : the walls are covered with plates of galvanized iron , aluminum , alternating with brick or rubble masonry , stucco or glazed surfaces and concrete beams on the wall can separate , for example, the kitchen area. The main materials that are used in the loft - glass and metal, no curtains and blinds are not used in the best case - it blinds or tinted glass . Loft area often reaches several hundred square meters, which allows the creation of a mixed form of living space - of Art Galleries , apartments , shops , offices , studio - ideal for artists , scholars , business people who work at home . The floor covering is also zoned space . Amount of furniture kept to a minimum , it seems to be absorbed by the large loft space and is dissolved in it.

       Design and construction of buildings from metal constructions. Modular buildings.


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