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The modern world confronts industrial construction clear requirements for time, cost and flexibility in the implementation of the project. It is for this reason, the most popular in the construction industry are innovative technology. Feature of modern industrial building is the lack of uniformity , quality and modern design . " Fast and high-quality solution of several problems - that's what is required of companies operating in the Russian construction market ," - says Catherine Shishkov , head of marketing, advertising and PR « ERM- STORY " , a leading company specializing in the construction of buildings of metal structures .
- What are the main trends in the construction of prefabricated buildings of metal structures ?
- Guidelines two : classical ( when the building is assembled from components manufactured by different suppliers ) and pre- made ​​( turnkey factory building kit ) . The last line , as the most promising , and is central to our company. The most popular segment of the industrial building is manufacturing buildings (about 80% of completed projects ), but shopping malls , sports facilities, car centers , office centers, hotels are increasingly constructed from metal . Especially proud of our company is to build long-span structures (up to 100 m ) of aircraft hangars, football fields . An interesting trend of modern architecture was the construction of prefabricated , houses and we already have a number of projects in this direction. The company is successfully operating direction of modular construction . These buildings are going for less than a week and can be used for any purpose from home town for builders and roadside cafes to office center and kindergarten.
- Catherine , please tell us what are the advantages steel construction ( LMC ) .
- The main advantage of steel construction is flexibility in the implementation of technical solutions , ease themselves structures, the lack of seasonality and speed of erection . Well, if we consider the benefits of steel construction with " MVK- STORY " , here together with the above benefits each client receives complete buildings prefabrication of our European partner of «Lindab» official partner builder which we are already more than 10 years. It is this partnership, combined with the many years of experience in the construction satisfies any demands of our customers.

  - Catherine , tell us how your company was able in a short time to become a leader in the construction of steel buildings ?
   - The main priority of our company is a comprehensive solution to all issues of construction for our customers from design to commissioning and in time . To achieve these goals , we have created a design studio , and its structure so that the company can easily implement objects anywhere in Russia and CIS countries. For maximum mobility and due to the growth of objects by geography " MVK- STORY " opened offices in St. Petersburg, Kazan, in the Republic of Belarus (Minsk ) , headquartered in Moscow. Another nice feature is the presence of warranty and service our buildings , which saves the customer from having to maintain the building. Currently, the company sold more than 350,000 square meters of warehouse , industrial and retail space.
- MVK -STORY successfully operating in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus . Is there a specificity of work on the Belarusian market ?
- Yes, MVK -STORY from 2010 is very efficient office in Minsk . Belarusian market is very difficult for businesses due to various reasons , in connection with this first year was devoted to the Belarusian units branding " MVK Belstroy " in the construction market and establish long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers. To date, we have successfully implemented a number of projects in the country. Specificity of the construction of the LMC in Belarus is not much different from Russian . The difference lies in the documentary accompanied construction and building codes .

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